Call me, let's go see a movie or something

I am the most natural Istanbul escort you will find. My clients feel like they are beating their high school friends. My honesty and self-evidentness also have an influence on it. After the agreement, I sent a message that “the house is empty ;)”. So people don’t realize that they have sex for money. The movie watching part is true. I have a very good film culture because I am a student of Cinema TV and my father is a famous director. I can look the customer in the eye and tell them what movie they like. I opened Recep İvedik to create an environment for some people. I’m showing something from this independent French film. Trust me, they changed the way I love the person I’m with. I once opened Cumali Ceber to set the scene before I was with a multi-cultural gentleman. You could see the disappointment on the man’s face. I waited for a while for him to take off his scarf and run out of the house, but he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have sex with a beautiful girl like me. He wasn’t laughing when he explained the situation later.
I prefer shy people. For example, IIstanbul Escortwhich has its own house; because I like to control the strings. Some people may not have the right environment to have sex, or may feel ashamed in their own home. I bought a house to have sex so things like this wouldn’t happen. Yes, I have two houses, I reserve one for sex. When you earn more money, you can adjust your life. For example, because of my passion for movies, I use a room in my big house as a cinema. There is a 4k ultra HD TV in myIstanbul escorthouse. I hope people like the screenshots too before I get to you. However, this only happens when I open a porn movie. Men who see erotic scenes on screen immediately get excited and start to act relaxed. I get the opposite of this effect by putting a candle in the room. When I dimmed the lights and lit the room with candles, many of my clients became nervous; they don’t need to stretch. As an Istanbul escort, I am of course above all kinds of people. This feature has gotten me many repeat customers. They say my air is not like others. In addition to taking care of people physically, I also take care of people emotionally.

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