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Everyone is bored, Istanbul. This is how my Istanbul escort story begins back to the hotel. New environment, new friends became part of my life. But I do it in a flirtatious way. You know, if you have internet, you can do secret binges instantly. No one is asking you to be responsible. I’m just going to be a little secretive. A 24-year-old woman from Istanbul cannot live like other grown women. I’m here and I don’t advertise hours of paid sex.

I’m looking for men who care about their privacy and their social life. We were secretly enjoying it. We fulfill our secret sexual fantasies. Our sex life in Istanbul is also based on mutual pleasure and escapades. Here I come to you with all these feelings. As your girlfriend in Istanbul, back at the hotel, I have only one request. Don’t tell me cheap hotels in Istanbul, houses in a rough neighborhood on the corner or anything like that. We will see you in many places in Istanbul. Because my safety is more important to me than the happiness I receive. As long as I feel comfortable, I don’t see a problem with it.

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