If you want particularly interested escorts, definitely meet Derya.

Honey, I’m Derya, I noticed that you are looking for an escort with special interests. I care for you in a very special way, you really need to meet me. I am 25 years old, I live in Merter. My body is very good, you will be bored when you see me. I’m gonna love it, so you’re gonna love it that way, baby. I take good care of myself and always travel well and tidy. I don’t really look for a girl, get to know me and you’ll realize that. I like that he is interested in the person in front of me, I want him to be happy. I’m also addicted to contacts, but these guys think it’s great. The fact that I am still with her creates excitement as if there is love between us. I have a charming and heartbreaking beauty. Maybe a combination of a little innocence and a little expression. I recommend people who enjoy it to get to know me immediately.

Special Escort

I live alone in my house because being a roommate is not for me. Not all girls are clean like me, I tried many times, now I gave up. I live in Merter, but I provide services all over Istanbul. The interview location is Istanbul hotel, Istanbul residence or your home Istanbul, it doesn’t matter. You are at home and you are a bit lazy, I would like to go with you. I have my own car that I use for transportation. See you and the session is over, I get the last payment and go home. We will talk about the price and specifications of the phone, I don’t want to write it here. You should try me, an escort who can help you in any way. Trust me, you have nothing to lose, you won’t regret it. On the contrary, my dear Deryo who always wants me, you always call me when you are there and I miss you.

Women can come to my house who do not provide a good environment for a relationship. I live in a good house in Merter, I mentioned that my house is clean. This is a thoughtfully furnished and very stylish apartment. If you come here, you won’t be overwhelmed. All the people I served at my home said they were satisfied. You can be one of these satisfied men. How do you want to meet Merter’s escort derya without wasting time? I hope you will read my whole profile and that you will like my photos very much. Now the next thing is to click directly on the phone buttons or you can talk on Whatsapp. Goodbye dear take care I kiss you darling.


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