Istanbul accompagna Miss Sila


I’m Sıla and I’m an impatient girl waiting for you. My personal characteristics are not suitable for many people. That’s why I’m alone in my life. I’m selfish, so I have to say everything and focus on myself. Of course, it’s also very important that men want to date me, but I’m not a submissive woman at all. So when you meet me, let’s do what I want in sex. I can be dominant, but I also have fantasies and always aim to please men, but in my own way. I am always the first choice of those who are tired of classic relationships and looking for a difference. Because female-dominated sexuality isn’t something everyone wants. If you are one of those who want to experience the difference and see sexuality through the eyes of a sexy girl, I am waiting for you in my house as an Istanbul escort girl. I don’t usually meet in front of my house, but if you want one more time, we can meet wherever you want and be there together.

Istanbul Escort Lady 

You don’t think a hot girl can be ugly, do you? Because hot women are hot. I also believe that I am very sexy and I show you this sexy attitude in the way I dress, make up and behave. I am a woman with big breasts, big lips and a big waist. I definitely have the body men want. My waist is thin, my neck is long, my legs are hard and thick. I’m not overweight, but I’m not a bag of bones either. As an escort girl in Istanbul, I have a sexier and more attractive body than 90-60-90 bodies. Believe that if you are with me, you will not lose anything, on the contrary, you will begin to gain many different experiences.

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