İstanbul Chubby Escort Overnight Tulin

I don’t turn away my clients who love bad relationships and want to come to my house for quality sex and see me as soon as possible. You can do anything except ejaculate inside. I am a woman who is open to anal sex. When I started my Istanbul escort career, I had a lot of sex without a condom, but I thought that continuing this way would harm me and my other clients. I am very interested in single men or group relationships with condoms.

Meeting in a hotel in Istanbul

We can meet in a hotel and spend the whole day or sitting in a hotel room, room. If you want to go on vacation together, we can spend a few days together if I’m available on the days we decided. You can text and call me using my phone number.

You can come to my studio in Istanbul or live with me in my house in the neighborhoods around Istanbul. Whatever you want, Istanbul escort, let me know about her. I can wear special clothes for you and with special perfumes and the atmosphere you will enjoy, I can release our love.

I will not accept sex without a condom b>

I have many clients, who want to have sex without a condom. I won’t let you have sex with me in the shower or normally without a condom. I especially refuse to meet my clients who say they want to suck on me. I agree to enter into a private relationship with a condom for my health and the health of my client and future clients. By meeting me, you have the opportunity to make love not only at my home, but also in another place.

I monitor the behavior of my customers who come across my ad and want to get to know each other through my ad. Mostly, I’m in love with a person who respects the other party’s opinions, says he can fulfill their wishes, and accepts his limitations.

Being rude doesn’t hurt me, nor does not respecting the boundaries I set for myself. I enjoy a regular sex life with men who act within these boundaries and not beyond the rules I set for myself. I do not accept offers from my customers who do not want to use condoms and offer additional fees for this. You must use a condom.

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