Istanbul Economiche Escort Donna Ateşli Cilvenaz

Hi guys.. I am Istanbul cheap escort Cilvenaz. I’m also here to teach you how to have cheap, quality sex and show you how to do it practically. I receive my guests in my own apartment in Istanbul.

I do not accept meetings outside, and anal sex or sex without a condom are two separate fantasies that have no place in my understanding of sexuality. Besides, whatever you want to experience, I’m here..

And I’m ready to contact you by phone… 28 years old, 1.69 Height 63 Kilos, with a fishnet, Full hips and breasts that you can’t take your eyes off of , I have never lived for this price.

Istanbul Cheap Escorts Female Cilvenaz

Choose me for an experience you cannot live. Gentlemen, the woman you are having sex with smells like sweat, hairy private parts, bad breath, or poorly dressed.

I can imagine the emotions you are feeling even as you read this. ! I hope you understand what I mean! You will not understand how your relationship with me ended and how time flies.

And before you walk out the door, you will start making plans for when and how you will change! If I can be sure of your purity as our friendship develops and I get to know you.

There’s nothing wrong with stretching the condom rule, I can even come to your house! Think about it, you and I are alone in our room, in your house, and the night is ours alone, until the morning and without limits.!

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With the taste of love and beautiful conversation But I want you to know that after this morning I will never see you again. When it comes to reason, like every good thing it has an end.

The beauty we live in has an end. My primary reason is that men fall in love after that night and then go crazy and that’s a sad situation for men. Istanbul Escort is with you.

In reality, unpleasant events may occur that we do not wish at all. To top it all off, at the end of the night when we woke up, I never saw that person again. You should know that everyone has their own life.

This is my life and I like doing this work and I will do it. I expect and ask that you respect me! “Come, be my wife and I will save you from this life. I give you as much as you need “. I hope you read these details so that you don’t experience anything bad..


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