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Actually, I’ve always been a woman with a bit of discipline who goes on when she starts a job and will do anything to succeed. Now I can say that I always do well in any job, but I realized that I was made to succeed in this field because I am an Istanbul escort. There’s a school there and it’s good, so I’m generally in a particularly good place. When I became an Istanbul escort, I called myself a disciplined woman, and I can say that quality men always follow quality women, and when it comes to quality women, Istanbul is like me. 

First of all, you will understand the level of pleasure from the characteristics of the woman and I must say that women who are simple, when they have chewing gum in their mouth, they look more simple. Both men and women naturally believe that these women are not having fun. As temperamental as I am, I can be completely free in what I experience sexually, even if it’s unprotected, I give it to men (if they’re happy with it, I’ll never stop).

I don’t want reverse partnerships! 

In fact, when I am an escort in Istanbul, I explain myself to men and talk about sex with a condom, but I can’t say that I don’t have any rules. I’m actually a woman who can have sex openly, and it’s not just these words. If you want, we can be at my house in Zafer, or we can have crazy outdoor sex. My age situation is suitable for this, but I really need to see this kind of Istanbul desires and fantasies of the men I will be with. Sometimes I went to school and I went with others, but when I hit the limit, I also hit the absentee limit. I will therefore be happy if you do not try to cheat, because it is my working day, so I am afraid of being late in the morning! Just because I won’t do it again doesn’t mean I’m avoiding oral and cif sex, I love them that much. That’s a different situation…

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