Rus accompanies Istanbul İrina

Hello, dear Turkish men. Russian escort in Istanbul My name is Irina. I am from Moscow and I am 27 years old. I have a pure white one. I weigh 65 kilos and am 1.64 cm tall. Since I know all kinds of sex, I definitely have the capacity to take a man over the clouds.

My Amazing Body Will Blow Your Mind

As a Russian escort in Istanbul I always attract men with my sexy body. Most Turkish men are shocked when they say Russian women. Because I know they are very interested in her. As a Russian girl, I am here to serve you with rare, handsome and handsome Turkish gentlemen.

Body care is very important to me. So you can enjoy my beautiful lines. In doing so, you should know that I leave the foreword very long. Because I’m not here for money, but to be happy, to spread happiness, to relax the customers who choose me.

I live sexy without borders

Russian escorts Istanbulis more than just a fantasy and a positional object of my services. One of them is oral sex. I will really relax your most private area with my tongue and lips. I also felt great pleasure during his ejaculation. I will not lower the verbal limits, it means a good experience for gentlemen.

In addition, I must say right away that I offer many positions. I really love being down there. Feeling your strength and body is a joy for me. If you want, I can climb too. Thanks to my thick and beautiful hips, we can enjoy anal sex. What you do for this and more is call from my phone.

Just trigger a draw

All you have to do to live together is call immediately. Although I am Russian, I speak your language very well. I must also say that I worked for certain periods. I don’t like to negotiate. You have to watch out for that. I also go to hotels, houses and apartments. In this way, you will have a sexual experience that you have never had before.

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