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Hello dear, I’m esin, I’m with you as an escort in Istanbul street bagdat. I am a charming and attractive beauty. I am elegant, cultured and sweet. My ad is only for decent and elegant men. Rude and mean people who do the opposite should stay away from me. I just took the photo I used in my ad and it was pristine, I hope you like it. Each meeting brings new acquaintances and endless joy. In my opinion, such relationships enrich us because they leave good memories in our memories. The important thing here is to have a perfect relationship that is compatible with everyone. If there is no mutual pleasure, sex is like a duty in Istanbul and never brings pleasure. Therefore, only selected gentlemen can have sex with this selected woman. If I don’t give you permission, don’t be sad, it means another escort girl. t is good. I’m a V.I.P. I am an escort and manage my relationships accordingly. There is someone in front of you who will not let you down. I believe in all my abilities to convince you. I can do all my relationships at home or in a hotel. We conducted our hotel interviews by choosing one of the hotels located around Bagdat Street. Unfortunately, I cannot manage hotels located in remote locations. I ask for your understanding in this matter. If you are in another location, please refer to the girls in the region you want to meet.

escorts lady bagdat street

For me, the gentlemen I can relate to are 30 years old and older. I can never spend time with children whose behavior is not settled. My photo here is real and please don’t ask me for more photos. I want to stay private and I don’t want people to know my face. Like you, I have a family and no one needs to know what I’m doing. Therefore, you must protect your privacy rights for Esin. While talking on the phone, you can ask for your preference in a polite way. I don’t like snake calls, don’t use inappropriate terms. I know he said many times, I assure you walk, but you have no relationship with it.

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