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istanbul accompaniment Kokoş I have to change every night and I have to change for every man. But one night is someone I can say, I think I’m thinking about it. I can tell you what I think you’ve become a translator, so I want to make sure you continue to see me cuter in funnier moments.

Anyway, I want to continue. I wrote to tell you everything from beginning to end. One privileged evening I again went to the client’s house and asked him about his wishes and desires and asked him to help me prepare for them. I then started the conversation by saying my name in the content of the services that reflect my decision. By the way, I’m Remziye, I’m 30 years old, 168 kilos, 58 years old, I have dark skin, colorful eyes and a personality with a colorful life. a framework of services that always flirt and express my satisfaction with my appearance by having sex with my services. That night, after talking with the gentleman, I went to his house for a few hours and together we started a relationship, but what was the beginning? Once I pulled to him, I want to declare that I can love only until the morning, if he wants me not to be angry, without holding my breath.

Istanbul escort Kokoş

But because everything is delicious, after making friends with you in special photos, she started fondling me here and there and clearly knows the places that the clock drives me crazy That’s why he drove me crazy for a few hours and begged me to show that he had sex. I can say that I have never seen such a person.

Who doesn’t want a colorful night?

I mean it was a different person, I can’t say, I want everyone to experience that night. Since we don’t see each other anymore, I can’t socialize, otherwise I invited myself over one evening and offered myself. When Iwatched the counseling session in Istanbul, I saw that after that every part of me started to burn more and more. I want you to know that my people have become stronger and no one has left me.

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