Istanbul accompagna Miss Mavis Eyed Banu

Blue eyes, Istanbul escort lady I am Banu.. Here in Istanbul, one of the oldest residences in Istanbul, it doesn’t matter if you are old or Istanbul, but I await all gentlemen of character.

If I know anything in this life, it is space; Let Istanbul without character be your friend, let Istanbul with character be your enemy. As you can guess from what you see, what you see around you, and what you can imagine within yourself, nothing can ever hurt a person with a strong character. I am 26 years old, I am 1.72, I weigh 61 kilos, I have white skin, a bit fishy, ​​chubby women.

Istanbul is guided by Miss Banu

I conduct my interviews in my private apartment in Istanbul. I don’t have anal sex and intercourse without a condom! And I wanted to emphasize that I do not interview as a session and that I can respond to your interview requests at least 1 hour or more. It’s a little late, I wanted to tell you.. I don’t care.. I trade my own honor in my house.

As a blonde Istanbul escort who is very possessive and jealous of her lover, I don’t want you to meet at least one single girl. Sometimes I stay out of your sight, for me.. And when I want to be you, I want you to know that I am because of my love.

Trust and faith are very different dimensions. I’m one of those people who think you should spend all your time with the woman you love. Can I explain what I mean I don’t know? Sometimes you are overwhelmed by this situation, but what will happen to you..

Istanbul escort

I am careful not to overdo it and I will do my best not to get rid of me. If an Istanbul escort boyfriendcomes to the hotel, you spend most of your time with the person you love. And being away from you will do more good than harm.

I want to be together, laugh, have fun and dance until the first morning. I am a person who is fully alive and dynamic because I show it to those around me. When they accompany Istanbul, they are very happy in this situation.

Who does not know how to be happy and sad, does not spread happiness around. They also reduce the current human way. Because my love and attention will hurt you so much, in time you will get used to it and know how to accept it.

So I advise you to change from a fool. crazy girl like me istanbul escort. Come into my life as soon as possible and make your life colorful…

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