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Istanbul Overweight Escort Witich, big and loving hello. Guys, I’m 26 years old, I weigh 76 kilos and I’m 1.66. As an overweight chick, I will serve well mainly to gentlemen who like chubby girls. I have no boundaries to present all the beauty of sex. You can make an appointment by calling me.

I’m overweight and trim

I know very well that most men pay attention to overweight women. As an Istanbul overweight escort, I am the girl they are looking for. I was well taken care of. I really wear my best fragrances without neglecting them, I shower after every meeting and I look nice. I want the same sensitivity as you guys. This way, the sex we have will have more meaning.

I keep all kinds of sex alive

As an overweight escort in IstanbulI am completely against all rules and boundaries at the same time. Because men are always like that, I like to date them. Besides being a beautiful woman, I am very well taken care of. My body is clean and smooth. Performing foreplay, not short-term, therefore long-term, is therefore one of the best services I offer.

Oral sex is one of the first things that comes to mind. when talking about sexuality. Also, anal sex, which not every woman does, is a completely different service that I provide. I did it with a condom. I really look forward to understanding from gentlemen on this matter. 69, cimcif and many others are no longer a dream. I am one of the best in the market keeping them all alive.

I am available for night and hour drawing

I have many plans. There is a fee and time difference between them. I wouldn’t say no to drawings defined as an hour. In addition, an overnight stay is possible for me. At the same time, a seating service is available for gentlemen. To make an appointment quickly and successfully, you need to call and ask for a suitable day and time. I drive to hotels, houses and also all apartments if they are not too far. I don’t want to negotiate salary.

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