Your new companions Çıtır Partner Duygu

As a new escort in the industry, I must say that I arouse everyone’s curiosity. I am under the strict attention of gentlemen who have never tasted. I introduce myself as Istanbul escort . I especially want to talk about my prominent lines.

My height is 1.67 and my weight is 55. Hot escorts see me. My full breasts and hips are on everyone’s lips. Gentlemen like that I have a very suitable appearance. I put all these views in bold from my ad.

Also, it will take a while to get to my contact details. You can get my phone number and talk to me. Only when I reach my number can we go on a date. In this way, we started holding meetings in hotels or homes.

Your Chilly Escort is ready!

If you are looking for an escort in Istanbul , I want to introduce you to my crispy look. I love the color pink and it shows on me. I can’t help but say I’m coming to you in my colorful underwear. I am an Istanbul girl who is also interested in sex toys.

I will bring you my sex toys and special costumes. Therefore, I must say that I will give color to your sex life, which has become boring. When you’re ready to go beyond the usual forms of sex, you can call me. So we got together and started madly in love.

I have to say that in my private sexual fantasies I am fine with gentlemen. Call my number if you want. So we decided to have sex. We will start meeting where and when you want.

Live sexy with me!

If you want to enjoy real sex, you have to choose me from Istanbul escort girls. Because only with me will you achieve true happiness. This way you will know the real gender and start to feel good. There is nothing like me to make men feel good.

What you need to do to have a great night is very simple. First you can see my cool poses in my ad. After the poses my number comes and you start calling. People who call my number can join my conversation and decide on sex appointments.

I entertain single and married gentlemen on private sex dates. I never care about age and focus on what gentlemen want. Because wishes and desires are important to me. I try my best to fulfill each of them.

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